About Us

The decision to grow "all natural" is an easy one to make. Conventional gardening revolves around the use of products that harm everything they touch, knocking Mother Nature off-balance and creating a dangerous environment for the soil and water. Then we add a bunch of chemicals to the soil, artificially boosting the growing potential even as we sap it of its ability to regulate moisture and sustain the beneficial insects, worms, and complimentary microbes that bring it to life. It’s easy to see that this is not a sustainable system.

It’s argued that organic gardening is impractical & expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the way our great grandparents gardened, the way food was raised for thousands of years before the invention, wide-spread use, and deceptive advertising of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. As you upgrade your soil quality and utilize practical, sustainable gardening practices, your costs will go down. Growing organic is not a compromise. Done right, it will yield healthier plants, more vigorous growth, larger and tastier fruits and vegetables and more bountiful harvests compared to commercially-centered growing. And the peace of mind you’ll gain as you remove known carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, petroleum byproducts, and mysterious and often dangerous inert ingredients from your lawns and landscapes, is priceless.

At EarthSOIL, we believe that the natural way is the best way. This has proven to be true for centuries. Mankind and technology has accomplished many remarkable advances but there are certain things that are better done naturally. For instance, we know this is true with fertilizers. Nothing that man has ever made in a laboratory or chemical factory can compare or improve upon devices of nature in this regard. You see it isn’t the Nitrogen, Phosphate or Potassium content that produces great plants & vegetables, although this NPK ratio is so important to chemical fertilizers. To feed the plants, and to build and maintain the soil, EarthSOIL's WormSOIL worm casting fertilizer contains millions of microscopic enzymes, microbes and other naturally produced organisms that chemical fertilizers do not. The microbial activity that occurs when WormSOIL is applied enables the nutrients to be taken up by the plant and not just leach into the soil and then to the water supply like commercial, chemical fertilizers are known to do. Nature's EarthSOIL maintains strict standards in the production of worm castings produced by Red Wiggler (Eisenia Fetida) earthworms, who are the “real” workers here. These standards include the type of earthworm used as well as the food they consume.  The bedding blend used is made up of all organic, all natural and chemical free substances. When the castings are ready for packaging, our quality control personnel check them for purity, quality, nutrient content, moisture content & PH balance, and either approve or reject the product. Only the finest castings can become WormSOIL.

Our mission is to produce the very finest organic, chemical free fertilizers and soil amendments in the world.

Try it and you'll agree that WormSOIL is "The Natural Choice."